Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Two Single Mommies Preparing For Vacation

Getting ready for our first family vacation as single moms. Anessa's may be their big sister and my daughter but she is just like a mom to her younger brother and sisters so I will put her in the mom category. Thank God she is the planner or we would be in trouble. LOL She loves to be in charge so half at it, sister as I say. Just let me know what I do NOT need to do I tell her with a smile on my face. I do voice my opinion when needed, course I have to be listening to her to do that. I have so enjoyed having her take over some of the responsibilities with the little ones. Yes, I'm so lucky.

My major concern was making sure we have some type of navigational system to use. We have no sense of direction. As I tell everyone I got lost trying to find the line for understanding directions when I was being made. Maps are useless to me. Seriously since there are no left or right directions on a map I can not read them. Heck I have no idea which way leads to Florida from my house; North, South, East or West. In one word, I'm clueless. So I did my job and we will have one. Oh, wait I forgot I have to figure out how to use the GPS.....we are so doomed.

The fun and glorious packing. The kids have out grown their sneakers, pants and shorts....all their clothes so new wardrobe for all. Lets not forget all the personal necessities such as sunscreen, hats, sunglasses, curling iron etc. Please you have to pack so much to take with a family of six that it comes down to it you either take the family or the luggage but both will not fit in the vehicle. LOL! The winner is........The Luggage! We will work it out. The kids might be completely covered by luggage.....it will interesting.

We need to find some type of entertainment for the ride down. Music is a must the CD player will be loaded with our favorite music and we do have Sierras radio so music COVERED. We will bring movies for the DVD system. I wonder if I will have to listen to movies all the way there or will they be sweet babies and put on the head phones? We also have to find room for snacks and drinks. I'm so happy I will be doing the driving. I will not have to squished by luggage and snacks.The kids will have a fight or two because one of them will have an inch more of room than the other. I can see the pit stop breaks open up the car door and everything falls out. Lets not forget the dreaded HOW LONG BEFORE WE ARE THERE. LOL

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

My Haunted TV and Microwave.....

A story to tell for Halloween/All Hollows Eve. This story is not scary but strange and perfect for the season.

Let me set the stage.

We moved into our house 5 years ago this month. When we moved in our house our belongings were still in MI so the people we brought the house from left all the things they did not want behind. One of the things they left us was a console TV. How cool or so we thought. The TV had a mind of its own or was controlled by something other then us. For the 3 yrs and 2 months (yes, I remember how long) the TV would come on and shut off as it pleased. You would turn it on and it would shut off at some point. It could be minute from the time you turned it on or an hour. Whenever you would turned it back on and it would shut off again. This could happen many times, just once or not at all while you were watching TV it all depended on what 'mood' the TV was in. Yet other times the TV would just come on all by itself. We joshed around about our TV saying it was possessed. We got rid of the TV 2 years ago this Christmas. The new TV has not had these issues, BUT..........

Our Microwave took over. Yes, indeed it did! Our microwave is possessed. Right when we got rid of the TV the microwave started. It comes on as it pleases. You shut kitchen cabinet door or the microwave door and the microwave comes on. ( so you know there is no time on the microwave and its off) My favorite is when you hit the "0" button and the number "6" comes up. The buttons on the microwave will work when they want to. We laugh and joke about it. At times we say we need to have a priest come and bless our house.

Yes, there has been people who have been here when these odd things happen. Needless to say they are just amazed and entertained by our strange happenings. We are not scared, I'm sure there is some logical explanation or NOT. For now we will continue to be amused by our strange Microwave.

One step closer to being deliriously happy.

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