Tuesday, June 23, 2009

A question for you, do you believe that you are entitled to be called mom, dad, grandma, grandpa or do you think its a title that you earn. I have strong feelings on this subject since I can remember, I have always been irritated by people who think they should be called grandparent, mom, or dad and are not even close to being one. I stand firm on the fact that you earn that title by the way you act, love, and take on the responsibilities of that title. Just because you donated your sperm or egg does not entitle you to be called a parent, mom, or dad. Time and time again we see kids tossed away by the parents. This could be in the form of abuse, neglect, the parent's need to always come first etc. You are not a parent if you just toss your kid money for what ever they need but you are not there for them. Nor are you a parent if you do not discipline your child. Did the child ask to be born? Nope! You choose to have the child, so why would you want to treat the child like they are a piece of garbage that is easily tossed away. Carrying a baby for nine months and giving birth is no easy feat but in doing this does not entitle you to be called a parent. Nothing more irritating then you here about abuse on the TV or newspaper and they said the abuse was done by the parent/mom/dad. I just want to say excuse me don't put them in parent/mom/dad category with me. They are not a parent they are a donor of some sort because parents would not do that to their children.

I feel the same way about grandparents. I have seen grandparents who could not even pick their grandchild out of a group of kids and not because the kids were kept from them because the didn't have time nor the inkling to spend with them. Or you have the parent/grandparent who has something else better to do then attend a special activity of the child. Now I'm not talking about the parents/grandparents who have to work (unless work is more important then the child, you know the workaholic), have an illness that is understandable or some other type of emergency.

Parents and grandparents earn their special titles by being loving, caring, nourishing role models to their children/grandchildren, when this happens you are very deserving of being called that special title a parent/grandparent. One does not have to have any biologic ties to a child to be a parent/grandparent. A who person who gives up a child is a parent, mom, dad because they are putting the child first. You will have great success in creating the loving adults of the future, when you earn your title. Spreading the love to future generations, making deliriously happy adults.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

When You choose To Do Something For Someone, What Do You Expect?

Ask yourself this question. When you do something out of the kindness out of your heart what do you expect in return? If you gave money or paid a bill for someone do expect the money back? Of course you expect to be paid back if it was a loan, but we are talking about doing something that someone did not ask you to do.

I love doing things for people. I don't expect them to pay me for what I have done. I do it because I get satisfaction out of helping someone in their time of need. I have always have taken the stance of it's better to give then receive. One thing that I learned growing up and live by today. I see people who have done nice things for people then shout it out from the roof tops. Look what I did. I'm great for it. Or I paid this bill for you and even though you did not ask for it, I want the money back. Or I did this and this for you could you do this for me. People who are like this had alternative motives for being kind. They want to make themselves look good and black mail per say for when they need or want something.

One of the books I read was called a Christmas Jar. Every year a family would save money in a jar and give it to someone in need at Christmas. They would do it anonymously so the person could not find out who they were. They did it out of the kindness of their heart and not for the recognition. That is how I choose to be. To me the giver who shouts from roof top is miserable and feels the only way to feel good is by shouting his good deeds. I choose to be the silent giver-the anonymous giver. Only me and the big guy upstairs needs to know what I did. I feel so deliriously happy and gratified with just me knowing. When you can truly feel this way, you are one step closer to being deliriously happy and loving yourself and your life.

Monday, June 15, 2009

The Sun Peaking out of the Dark Cloud

Have you ever had great days when everything was going good and bam, slap in the face you run into a negative person who is evil and mean...They get their joys out of making people miserable...You wonder why are they so mean...They can't stand to see anyone happy...and if you look at them funny they are accusing you of not being nice...and all you want to do is hold up a mirror and tell them what do you see in the mirror? A happy nice person or a person who is miserably mean and evil...They are the first ones to throw stones and point out everyone's faults... I use to let these people bother me...and I would let them ruin my whole day or two...and for what so they accomplished what they set out to do...make me miserable...

Well, I love to be happy...so what should I do...I give myself time to vent and be irritated by them for about 20 min...then I let it go....I tell myself that some people no matter what happens in life can only survive making people miserable...I gain strength by thinking this way....and when I see them I tell myself don't let them bring you down... You are stronger then their negativity...and boom a smile comes on my face...I find my happy thoughts...and the negative atmosphere turns positive...One step closer to being deliriously happy......Take every bump, lump and unhappy person and find the sun light in the gray cloud...no damper on my day.......

Post By Ann Marie a.k.a. AAWorkingmoms anessa.me

Thursday, June 11, 2009

True Love

When you truly love someone you accept all the little and big annoyances...when you see them you get excited and happy....and you are good to them....they enrich your life.....and bring you happiness.... Too many times we forget about why we love them and don't accept the annoyances and throw it away....sometimes we are happier yet other times we follow the same path...so maybe it's us.....we need to learn how to accept people for who they are and learn to accept their annoyances for us to be truly happy....everyone has annoyances and you will never be truly happy until you learn to accept them....and when you do..... you will be one step closer to being deliriously happy....

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Have I Always Been Happy....

I was twittered this question...Have you always been this happy.....I answered the question honestly....No I haven't...I want to share little by little of pain I have endured from the time I was a wee one to last year or so...I have endured abuse verbally, physically, and mentally....most people would've crumbled from so many years of abuse but I have used all the negativity for the positive and became stronger person for it.... A counselor once asked if I have ever been to counseling....my answer was no....She stated that I seem adjusted and coping with the abuse.....when you have to survive abuse for so many years it will either make you or break you....I'm one of the lucky ones...God gave me the coping skills to survive...and I have....and now I choose to be deliriously happy.....I share this with you not for your sympathy or your pity but show you not matter what you go through you can be happy.....be deliriously happy....it is your choice...it's not an easy journey by far....but journey you will be happy that you took......I will share more with you over the next days/weeks to come...to inspire you.........

Laugh Like a Six Year Old

A friend stated to me earlier today ......wouldn't it be fun to have "fun time" everyday...I was taken back by this...and replied, I have a "fun time" everyday...there is not a day that goes by that I don't have fun. When did adults stop thinking about having fun...Six year old laugh the most with 300 + laughs a day and adults are lucky to laugh 10-12 times a day.... I told her and other friends to create day of fun...that's what I believe...when you start finding the little happy joys in life that make you laugh or smile...great things happen.......Have a ridiculously fun day...which will lead to a deliriously happy day....and you will want to burst...and great things will happen.......To me these are not just words they are the truth..

Go From Being Irritated To Being Happy

Everyday we have things that happen that we get irritated by ....rarely do we stop and find some happiness or joy from the irritation and put a bigger grin on our face and give thanks for the irritation that has now become a joy...Just recently my little girl took her diaper off and played in her poo.....I laughed...yes, it was a BIG mess to clean and I could of easily gotten upset but life is too short and the look on her face...to me it was her way of putting a bigger grin on my face for the rest of my life because I get to have the sweet pleasure of telling the story forever...which will add smiles and laughs for a lifetime.......Find happiness and joy in the things that usually make you upset or irritated...this is a hard lesson to learn but once you have learned how to look at little irritating things differently your life will begin to change.... life will be a whole lot happier and take you one step closer to being deliriously happy......Ann Marie(workingmoms) anessa.me

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Pick Your Mood It's Your Choice

There are many things in this world that upsets us...personal things, work, cable guy, I could go on forever...but you get the drift...what does that accomplish when you get upset...It hurts you the worst....takes away from your happiness...shortens your life span and for what....just a bunch of negativity...I'm not saying not to get mad.....get mad and then be done with it....tell yourself to be happy put a smile on your face and be happy....this takes work....lots of work but it helps decrease your bad moods which makes you and everyone around you happier......Remember your mood/attitude is your choice...You can't get time back so why spend it being upset? Did it accomplish anything by being upset? Remember people don't like being around negative people....you attract more people being positive and happy...which takes you one step closer to being deliriously happy...

"The greatest discovery of my generation is that a human being can alter his life by altering his attitudes of mind."
~ William James

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