Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Tolerance, Acceptance, Hugs and Love!

I'm at a lost for words......I'm sure there are people cheering saying this chick has nothing to say, that's a rarity! YaY! Sorry to burst your moment of joy folks~~I'm lost of words because I don't understand WHY......let me explain~~~~

I have a few thoughts that I would like to share about a subject that I hold dear to who I'm as a person. That subject is acceptance of people and their differences.......

These differences range from simple things like homeschooling, haircuts and color to tattoo's, to race, disabilities, gays, lesbians, age and YES religion. Things that give a person their individuality, defines them as a person...... or better stated anything different from what some would say, "Normal!"

These differences spark debates, hate, fear, fights, war and whatever one deems necessary to spill their ignorance and hate. It has been going on since the beginning of time nothing new but...... WHY??

The WHY questions, come into play with these prejudices and intolerances. Here are just a few of my why questions~~

Why do you think your better then anyone else?
Why is your nationality/race better then mine?
Why must we point out the color of someone's skin?
Why can't people accept people for who they are?
Why is it necessary to belittle and taunt people for their differences?
Why can't we realize that these differences is what gives the world color and depth?
Why do you teach your children to hate?
Sorry yes, it is does this make you feel better?
Why do you teach your kids to dislike differences in people?
Why can't we get along?

It turns my inners in circles, gets my intestinal tract in a bind and my mind saying, "Really are you that ignorant?" Let me educate you. Actually, I'm thinking how stupid are you? You're ingrained ignorance is stunning the growth of your mind/life and the world. Wake up!!

I'm not saying to believe in all these differences but tolerate them, accept them, understand them. When we learn to tolerate and understand these differences, we will be happier and healthier as a person, nation, world and so on but for some reason we can't. Instead another WHY question comes into play

Why don't we want to be happy as a world? We can be....It's easy accept, tolerate, educate, hug and love! A simple concept to me but one that is not accepted by all. We will continue to have hate, pain and sadness until we change as a world and learn how to accept, tolerate, educate, hug and love!

One step closer to being deliriously happy! Spread hugs, love, acceptance, tolerance and educate!

Monday, August 12, 2013

Cecilia Marie

                                                  Cecilia Marie

An Angel you are~so pure and beautiful~
You came so peacefully into our lives asleep at 33weeks and 5 days on July 30th (2013) at 1057pm~

GOD had plans for you as you were being made in your mommy's womb~
Plans that we weren't aware of~

For 236 days you snuggled in your mommy's tummy and grew into a beautiful perfect Angel~
We watched you develop and grow through the beautiful ultrasound pictures~
These pictures were placed in frames and on our fridges with love~ waiting for your arrival~

Oh, the smiles, love and joy you gave us durning those 236 days were amazing~~ Thank you Cecilia Marie~

We loved you in spirit from the day we found out your mommy was pregnant with you~
Each day our love for you grew stronger and stronger~
I never knew how much one could love someone in spirit until you came into our lives~

We were all so excited that you were coming~ we couldn't wait to see you beautiful face~
Who would you look like~
Your GOD mommy Annuh prayed and prayed for you to look like her and your mommy~
Just like your mommy prayed for Anuuh to look like her~
She did an awesome job because triplets you are~
Yes, you look like your daddy too~

You sparked debates on who was going to be your favorite Dewy, Jem or Annuh~
Kippie and Dewy talked about teaching you how to play video games.....hmmmm~
Aryie would have saved you~
Dewy and Kippie aren't much into letting others play as I'm sure you are aware~~
Kippie wanted to send you to China~It was so funny to hear him but he loved you tons~

We sang and will continue to sing Cecilia for you~
Kippie loves to sing Cecilia for you~

We think about all the things we would have taught you and done with you~
We wonder if you would be big like Kippie or small like Annuh~
Would your smile be big like your mommy's or would you grin like your daddy~
What would your laugh sound like~
Your touch feel like~
All these questions will remain a mystery to us~

GOD decided you would make a perfect beautiful Angel~
Now you're playing with the Angels in Heaven~

You taught us how to love in spirit and in spirit we will continue to love you~
When we feel the breeze blow across our faces~~it will be you blowing us kisses~
The rain and thunder will be you singing and dancing with the Angels to "Cecilia" or "Hooked on a Feeling"~
The sun shining on our faces~ will be you smiling down on us~
The silent touch that one feels at night before we go to sleep~
Will be you blessing us~ giving us goodnight kisses~

I know right now you're looking down on us~~Saying~
Please dry your tears~
Turn those tears of sorrow into tears of joy~
Be happy for me~
You celebrated me in spirit~ continue to celebrate me~
I will live through your hearts and voices~

I will watch over you while you sleep~
I will be there for every celebration~for every tear that is shed~
I'm patiently waiting to meet each of you ~when you come to meet Jesus~
Until then celebrate me~
Give my 236 days of love and joy you had for me~~meaning~~

Always Remember~~
How softly I tiptoed into your world~
Almost silently~
Only a moment I stayed~
But what an imprint~
My foot prints left~
On your hearts~
I will forever be your private little beautiful Angel~
I will always love you~
I will continue to live forever through your hearts and voices~

~~~~Cecilia Marie~~~

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Skillful Communication Compared to Leaky Water Faucet

You know when you are pushed to the limit~ when that last monkey jumps on your back. 
Your toooo tired to filter....
To be an adult, instead you let your mouth pour like a broken faucet! 
A leaky water faucet that isn't dripping but pouring out....
The valve is broken and the handle is just spinning in circles......
It's a spastic release of water which quickly turns into a controlled flow after control is taken and the conversational field becomes more balanced~~

Usually during the flow of water pouring out of my mouth, I cry, become emotional, my words are a discombobulated wind storm, and no one pays attention and disregards what I say....
But this time was different!
After, I took control of the conversation and the playing field was equalized. I felt confident; thoughts and respect were coming out of my mouth and my opinion was going to be heard.
I was heard, and I'm sure the person who tried to control the conversation by control and manipulation was sad because I didn't let her!
For once in my life I mastered the art conversation, was heard and no regrets where had........
I learned a valuable lesson in conversation....No matter how passionate I'm about a subject, I must at all times control my emotions!
Now to do this where my kids are concerned.......

Face it~~conversation is an art, a technique that is mastered by some....
Some have a Phd in it...
Others are true experts.....They could get you to buy two day old road kill
While others such as myself couldn't even talk someone into a free beautiful shiny gold necklace.....delivered to them by a sexy hunk such as Shemar Moore (the sexy hunk from Criminal Minds)

I will continue to be a student of conversation.....Hoping that one day I will graduate into the world of skillful communication!

One More Step to becoming Deliriously Happy! 

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

The Dreaded Four Letter Word

As I sit here thinking about all my life goals that I will be working on this year, I come to the one that has eluded me for years. It's a want; a dream that it eludes lots of people. It doesn't discriminate; it crosses all race and age barriers.  It scares lots of people the dreaded four letter word or  is it 2 words; a two letter and a four letter word. It is words that when shown on TV or movies or shown in public and I get the privilege of seeing it....I slightly vomit in the back of my throat and feel sorta sick.

Hmmmm Do you know what word/words that I'm talking about are???  It's the dreaded love or in love or is it in-love.

 I can honestly say, I have only been in-love once. And I freely walked away from it last New Years Day 2012 and have not regretted it once. So no, I'm not bitter as some think I'm. The guy that I walked away from regrets it but I haven't. Even though it was painful and hard it is what I needed to do.

I ask myself why......others get to be in-love and I can't find it. Why I can't find a real relationship. I know I'm not the only one who ask this question of themselves...

 I have voiced that I want one. Even posted it, wrote it as a goal and even prayed for it. Thinking God might intervene.....surely he would like to see me in-love.

My daughter signed me up for a dating site. I have changed my thoughts on love and yet still nothing...

I get asked all the time Why.....I'm not remarried, Why there isn't a special person in my life. I ask that question to myself  too.... At the risk of sounding vain, I'm not ugly. I have never had a hard time getting a guy. It's finding a guy who wants to have a real relationship with what is wrong with me.....

It has been pointed out more then once to me that it's my fault.....that I'm to busy, to involved in my family and career,  to strong of a person. AND my favorite... that I don't pay enough attention to them or notice them, that I give off the wrong vibe...Hmmmm really! No matter what the complaint or problem is, it's my fault, even my X husband would say it's my fault. It makes one begin to question is it really my fault? So if it's my fault then what about all the other girls that feel the same way I do? Is it their fault too? Guys aren't to blame?

I have given thought to this AND in my big girl panties....I will say yes, it's all my fault. It's every girls fault...No, I'm not bitter just tired of constantly being told that everything that goes wrong is my I have re-evaulated things and guess what......

It's not my fault or other girls faults.......
Guys want to blame everything on the girl, guys create drama; course guys did invent drama. As much as they say they don't like it, they are stuck to it like glue......girls clean up the mess from the drama. It's easier for guys to blame the girl and as girls we just suck it up and take it. Now in all fairness girls do create some of the problems. In my own observation I would say this is......and yes, I tested this out...

Actions speak louder then words AND no action no words speak volumes.... 

Desires dictate our priorities, priorities shape our choices, and choices determine our actions. 
I think the biggest problem with relationships is communication and the lack of it...the inability to take action and voice your words and be understood. That some carry baggage and assumptions with them and think everyone else does too....some think they can carry on a relationship via txt messages...they forgo seeing the person or chatting with them on the phone. Yes, txt message is great if your sex texting or quick communication...but pass that should not replace spoken communication. But sadly in today society it is....I'm guilty of this too...
Relationships are work, most people are not willing to put the time and effort into them. 
As for me, I'm willing to put the work into a relationship but..........winning the Lotto is more likely then having one~~

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

It's Up To You To Drive

As I sit here pondering various thoughts running wild in my mind~~ my brain stops suddenly to my FB post from this morning from the late "great" Dr. Seuss

“You have brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself any direction you choose. You're on your own. And you know what you know. And YOU are the one who'll decide where to go...” Dr. Seuss

A fun, humorous, but very powerful statement; we have everything we need to succeed if we only use what was given to us. Along with determination, will power and courage one can succeed. 

Every time I think of this statement, it excites me. Think about it we have our destiny at our finger tips! We have the ability to make changes, succeed in our personal and business life as long as we use our heads, move our feet, make a path in life and drive baby drive.....

Does that not excite you? It excites my inner soul! Makes me feel I can conquer the world or my slice of the world! Or are you one of these people......

Who are very comfortable with such words as: can't, excuse, and economy. You would rather complain then change things. You have your own version of the Webster Dictionary full of excuses about the negatives of change. Frankly, my head spins like a tilt-a-wheel when I run into these people. 

I want to give them a mirror and tell them to look in the mirror through out the day and say, I"m strong, I can do anything! Works wonders for my kids and me. Then I get told well I don't have the confidence you have. I say I have confidence because I look in the mirror and say I can do it,  I'm strong, I'm confident! Just do it what do you have to lose....nothing, but you could gain a life lived....

One step closer to being deliriously happy!

Monday, April 9, 2012

Beautiful People

I was having a conversation the other day with my good friend, Mr. Lusher! During our conversation, I had discussed what I had noticed over the last few months working with Chronologically Challenged Folks. I thought it was worth sharing~

About 8 weeks ago or longer, I started telling the Chronologically Challenged Folks how pretty, handsome and beautiful they are. They were caught off guard by my compliments. The smiles on their faces from my remarks said it all. The replies of I haven't heard that in years, tugged on my cold little heart. The cute little bald men would grab my hand and kiss it. I was in love. My soul is still tingling from the smiles on faces of the Chronologically Challenged Folks~~ 

My comments and their reactions started the wheels cranking in my head:  as humans we like to hear that we are pretty, handsome, beautiful or any words that describe us in that manner. As we become more Chronologically Challenged (70's and up) we do not hear it as much if at all.  Just because we have wrinkles,  bags under our eyes, and our skin shows the years, we are no longer what society thinks as pretty.  I changed my thoughts and when I see my Chronologically Challenged Folks, I think that each wrinkle, age spot and bag is beautiful. They have a glow and a beauty that can only be achieved by years that they have put in. It's sad as a society that we can't see this. As for my I will continue to tell my Chronologically Challenged Folks/Friends how beautiful/handsome they are. Everyone deserves to hear it~ 

We fight the aging process for many reasons for  me I don't want to bare the thought of not being told I'm pretty.  I fight it kicking, screaming and with the biggest temper tantrum known to man.  I use every beauty cream and treatment possible to stop the aging process. I can only hope when I lose the war on being pretty that I will have someone in my life that can see through the wrinkles, bags and age spots to see the beauty and tell me once again, I'm pretty~~ God does not make ugly~ 

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Choose Happiness Over Misery

Sometimes in life we have to give up something we want or that is important to us in order to be able to move forward in life. It's true....
I know some of you are saying what is this crazy girl talking about.... 
Others know what I'm saying, but say why give up something that is comfortable and safe even though those same people are miserable.....Been there done that. Lets say not fun and life is wayyyyyyy to short! 
Others will say make that tough decision you never know whats going to happen.....You deserve to be happy. I agree with making that tough decision, I made it! It hurt!
 Down right stung the thumper in the chest. But the thumper is strong and will be happier as life is being lived, goals reached and true love is found. 

Recently, I had to make a tough decision to walk away from a relationship that I was comfortable with and frankly from someone I'm in love with and the only guy I ever really loved. I moved our relationship to the "we are just friends category." It has been a long time coming.  I want more out of life so I had to give up the relationship that I was comfortable with but wanted more out of it. I have always known that we were never going to go anywhere but I didn't want to face it.  I didn't want to give up friendship that has helped me grow, enriched my life for years and the only guy that I have actually loved.
Recently, I stated what I wanted from our relationship and I got no response. So I'm done. I'm ready and need to move on and I have....I can and I will.  I want more and deserve more. I have left the safety net behind, I'm sad but I know that it had to be done. I don't want to be miserable anymore. I want a real relationship so I made a tough decision, now I can move on. It's scary not knowing if I will ever be in love again. 

We clinch on to things that make us miserable because we don't want to give up material things, money, and comfort to change our situation. Does that make sense? I have so many friends that are miserable.  They say I would love to but I don't want to give up having everything. I gave up two houses, toys and countless shopping trips to be happy. I may not have everything ever again but I'm happy, my kids are happy and my life has changed for the better. It wasn't worth being miserable to have everything or to be in love with someone who loves you but doesn't want the same thing out of the relationship.

One Step To Being Deliriously Happy!  

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