Monday, March 29, 2010

Bummer......A great guy......

A quiet celebration took place within my heart last Thursday March 25. The day would have been my father's b-day. A day which I usually am sad and shed tears for him but this year was different. I still miss him more than anything but this year I decided to remember all the fun things and celebrate his day with smiles, laughs and sharing stories. A day of joy instead of sadness. What a more enjoyable day then usual and I'm sure he is happier with my decision.

On of my earliest memories that I have is our special nickname that we had for each other. A nickname that I never let anyone else call me and that was "Bummer". I have no idea how it came to be but that is what we called each other. Our special name that was not shared by anyone. 

I can remember spending my Saturdays with Bummer mowing, gardening, weeding. When we were done he would take me down to the local restaurant and buy me a milk shake. MMMM good and worth every second of help.

During certain seasons we would go Apple or blueberry picking. We would spend the whole day picking. He use to laugh and say good thing they don't weigh us going in and coming out and charge us for the extra pounds we gained.  Blueberry picking would consist of a fist for the mouth and a couple blueberries for the bucket. Before we picked an apple off the tree we would test taste it to make sure the apples on the tree met our standards. Bummer would hold the ladder and I would climb up the ladder. I was a monkey climbing fool when I was growing up. Climbing trees was second nature to me. I would reach all the nice big Apples that no one ventured to go get. Funny, now I would think twice about it. LOL 

One of the greatest gifts that my farther ever gave me was the ability to say I'm sorry. I say that because a few months before he passed there was a huge disagreement between him and myself. He ended up kicking me out of my house but a couple of days later he called me to say he was "sorry" and wanted me to come home which I did. I do remember the situation but it was the "I'm sorry Bummer" that I hold tight and close to my heart. I always tell everyone that was the greatest gift he gave me. The ability to apologize when I do wrong even if you are the parent. No one is perfect and we all owe apologizes at times.

I will always will miss him but from now on instead of a day of sorrow it will be a day of celebration for my family. A family that he never had the chance to meet.  Who knows maybe next year, we will honor his day with one of his favorite meals. Share pictures and stories. A fun day.. One step to becoming deliriously happy.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Walking on the Beach....A simple pleasure in life....

As I walked down the beach today with babies in tow, I was amazed as I always am at the ocean and the strong waves banging against the shore depositing gifts of shells, stones and junk on the shores.

The babies were excited to play chase with the waves, running and yelling as the waves came near them. It brings a smile to my face to think of the memories of them playing chase.  The littlest one found a great way of tuning her art ability by drawing in the sand. She instantly became addicted to it and didn't want to leave the beach and I was thankful she was not drawing on the walls again.

For a few minutes or two the baby had fun chasing the Seagulls. She ran as fast as her little legs could take her. Of course the Seagulls looked at her like you think your going to catch me sister. Please.... You can not catch me in your wildest dreams. I have wings. She soon gave up and looked at them like she was saying fine if you don't want to play with me, I have sand that will let me play.

The other babies enjoyed the walk down the beach. Excited to find all the unique shells that were on the beach. Collecting all the ones that they found to be unique. Jem found on that she thought was in the shape of a chicken leg. I think she was hungry. LOL Though she was right it could have been a chicken leg. Props to her and her imagination.

It was nice to see people (who were not being paid) walking down the beach picking up the trash and putting it in the trash reciprocals. People were walking there dogs, running, collecting shells, playing catch and having family time. The beach brings enjoyment to so many people. As a society we need to be conscious of waste and recycling so we can continue to have the enjoyment of beach and other wonderful simple pleasures that the great Earth has given us.

Ones step closer to being deliriously happy.....

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