Monday, April 9, 2012

Beautiful People

I was having a conversation the other day with my good friend, Mr. Lusher! During our conversation, I had discussed what I had noticed over the last few months working with Chronologically Challenged Folks. I thought it was worth sharing~

About 8 weeks ago or longer, I started telling the Chronologically Challenged Folks how pretty, handsome and beautiful they are. They were caught off guard by my compliments. The smiles on their faces from my remarks said it all. The replies of I haven't heard that in years, tugged on my cold little heart. The cute little bald men would grab my hand and kiss it. I was in love. My soul is still tingling from the smiles on faces of the Chronologically Challenged Folks~~ 

My comments and their reactions started the wheels cranking in my head:  as humans we like to hear that we are pretty, handsome, beautiful or any words that describe us in that manner. As we become more Chronologically Challenged (70's and up) we do not hear it as much if at all.  Just because we have wrinkles,  bags under our eyes, and our skin shows the years, we are no longer what society thinks as pretty.  I changed my thoughts and when I see my Chronologically Challenged Folks, I think that each wrinkle, age spot and bag is beautiful. They have a glow and a beauty that can only be achieved by years that they have put in. It's sad as a society that we can't see this. As for my I will continue to tell my Chronologically Challenged Folks/Friends how beautiful/handsome they are. Everyone deserves to hear it~ 

We fight the aging process for many reasons for  me I don't want to bare the thought of not being told I'm pretty.  I fight it kicking, screaming and with the biggest temper tantrum known to man.  I use every beauty cream and treatment possible to stop the aging process. I can only hope when I lose the war on being pretty that I will have someone in my life that can see through the wrinkles, bags and age spots to see the beauty and tell me once again, I'm pretty~~ God does not make ugly~ 


Glad2behere said...

Beautiful post! John Lusher shared with us.
I believe that chronologically challenged people are more beautiful than the younger - their lives show on their faces.

Fun Life said...


Thank you for your kind words~ I agree with you, their lives do show on their beautiful faces~~

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