Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Schedules Love Those Beautiful Schedules

Have you ever stopped and thought that this world runs on schedules. You have to schedule appointments for everything and anything; you have work schedules, sleep schedules, workout schedules, and school schedules, church schedules the list goes on and on and on. You get the drift.

Schedules love those schedules. They work fantabulous for the most part. Allowing you to accomplish more in your day then you ever thought you could. I have found that I have more time for work, kids, pleasure and play if I stick to my schedule. Who would not love that? This week we stated a new schedule worked great the first day. I have more time than I thought I would have. Kids loved it too and responded well to it. I'm so deliriously happy that the schedule is working.

I allowed for hills, humps, and bumps to interfere with our schedule. For the most part we are flexible; we can bend twist and re-do our day for the interferences that feel the need to knock me or the kids off schedule. Though, when I have to schedule an appointment and we get stuck sitting waiting two hours past our appointment time, the other me wants to come out and visit. Even I'm scared of her.LOL Anyways, Thinking to myself, I'm not getting what I need to get done and Anessa isn't either because she is at the appointment. We are so far behind that we will never be able to finish what we wanted to accomplish today, all because someone was behind on their schedule. Then, I wonder how they are ever going to catch up. The nerve of these people. Who does there scheduling anyway. They obviously have no idea how to schedule or did they quadruple book for the day. The waiting room was packed with kids and grumpy parents because everyone was waiting for so long. A few smart people came in and walked right back out. I bet they got charged for the missed appointment.

How would they like it if I showed up two hours late for my appointment time because I was running behind schedule? They would look at me and laugh and tell me I owe them for a missed appointment. HMMM fair I think not. I wanted to give them a bill for mine, Anessa and the kids’ time and the money it cost to sit in office.

We all have schedules that we follow to some degree and things happen that are not in our control that changes our schedule. I understand that, I just would like to be treated like my time is important too. That I might have a schedule and things that I need to do too. Yes, we have to allow for people to get behind because of emergent things are happening but when there is nothing emergent and you have so much staff that they are falling over each other. One has to wonder what’s going on. I take issue especially when it happens at the same places all the time. I think next time, no I will next time hand them a bill demanding to be compensated for lost time and money because they are unable to stick to a schedule. I will also be nice and offer my services on how to be more efficient with time and scheduling. Obviously they need some help.

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