Thursday, August 27, 2009

My Happy Place.....

I wanted to share my happy place with you. It is a place that I visit with family and friends. Even a picture of my happy place can calm me and bring peace to my soul. My happy place is the beach, the ocean and the waves. The ocean is so tranquil, calming and magnificent but at times can be the scariest most intimidating place on earth.

I love to watch the waves hit the sand and deposit gifts from the ocean. Gifts of shells fish and yes, let’s not forget debris. The ocean sings joyous stimulating songs to the souls who love her. She invites everyone that visits her to take in her unending beauty, play in her yard but she commands respect from everyone. She has will always continue to teach us about life and at times she gives up her secretes but she still stays mysterious, dark and cold. She is strong, powerful and fearless. She can rage her anger and turbulence like no other but the same time calm and relax the turbulence within a person. Astronomically amazing she is.

I just recently realized how much I love the ocean at night. The water is so black and the waves are white the combo make an extraordinary chillaxin dual. The smell of the water and wind blowing while you are sitting on the beach in the dark is a great place to release your inner struggles and rejuvenate your soul. I long for a house on the shore of the ocean with deck overlooking the ocean so I can sleep hearing and smelling the ocean. One step to becoming deliriously happy.

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Tammy said...

The ocean is my family's happy place as well! My hubby loves to sail and the overcast marine layer is his "perfect" weather! My kids just love the beach, playing in the waves and sand. I'm happy there because they are happy there but I can do without playing in the waves. To be in the ocean scares me... You know, waves, sharks, sting rays and all. :)

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