Thursday, September 17, 2009

The Sweet Songs of Babies....

The joy of fussy kids! Are they really fussy or are they just singing songs out of tune? I have 9 babies and have not figured out the answer to this question.

Are their fits to get their point across or to drive you utterly insane. I know, they are learning at a young age which buttons to push to drive you nuts and which buttons push to get what they want. The have a photographic memory which holds the answers to these questions and they are able to retrieve the data at a moments notice to use it to get anything they want from you. They are cunning but oh, so lovable and fun.

The cute beautiful sneaky creatures that they are, so brilliant and deceiving a great combination! They fool you with those cute little checks that are so irresistibly pinchable and top it with sweet innocent smiles. The icing on the cake is all the kisses and hugs their unconditional love. One of their greatest gifts that they bestow on you.

With all that being said, I have figured out away to get them back a tad all in fun of course. I love to irritate them, bug them with hugs and kisses. Chase them and pick on them. Do all sorts of silly things which have the wee ones fussing and the big ones yelling "MOM". I'm the cunning devious mother who has way to much fun irritating them. A goal which I accomplish everyday according to them. LOL

We have lots of FUN everyday. There is not a day that goes by that kisses, hugs and I love yous are not passed out to everyone along with me bugging them. I would never trade the babies in for anything in this world. No matter how fussy they are, for if they were not here to drive me insane and irritate me who would do that and what would my life be like. mmmm wait minute, what am I saying. I would love to have a quiet life with no fussing fit throwing kids. If only I would of thought about that before I had kids. Just kidding; maybe!

To me having kids is one step closer to being deliriously happy!

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