Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Kids and Social Media...A Great Combination.....

There is a new social site created by three kids who wanted to make a change in their life. They wanted to start a business so they could move to the beach, start a charity, and create the life that they have been dreaming of.

Jem started twitting with me when she was 8 years old. She instantly fell in love with it and wanted to learn more about social media, blogging, and about our business. She wanted to blog so away she went and the domino effect happened with the other two kids who were 6 and 10 at that time. As a blogger myself, I find it hard enough to get people to read your blog; can you imagine how hard it is to get people to read blogs from kids. I came up with an idea while I was blogging for Saronti, a children's website, I thought how great would it be if this site had an area for my kids to blog. The owner of the site thought it was a great idea, so we did a feed and she published their blogs. I will never forget that day, the kids excitement and sense of accomplishment to see their blogs published on Saronti. It was very exciting to me as a parent because who would have read or even published a kids blog. It is no longer a pain staking task to get them to write. They write about all sorts of things from dinosaurs to whats going on with them. It is a way for them to express themselves as individuals.

Jem still was not satisfied and eager to learn more; wanted to help with business. One week she made enough money to pay for the majority of the babysitting fee for there special babysitting day. From that point on, there was no stopping her. We had a family meeting and she announced that she wanted changes in her life and she was ready to do what she had to move to the beach. Jem asked if she could start a business to help make money to move. The other two kids again jumped on the bandwagon which bought about the birth of their business.

They love connecting with kids from around the globe. A social site was created with their help so they could meet more kids and make a difference in the world. Connecting with kids from other parts of the world/country is a great learning experience for kids. They can learn how other kids live, what they think about, and what they have in common. They can also play games with educational value, practice their writing skills with blogging, learn to put what they think and change it into thoughts, create groups to voice their opinions and make a change/difference in the world. Kids connecting with kids to make the world a better place. Who says social media has to be just for adults.

There are so many teens and adults who are on social media sites these days but what about the kids? I know there are virtual worlds for the kids but there isn't nothing quite like this. The kids who created this site made it so you can blog, create groups, chat, upload videos and pictures, get free things, forums, educational games and create your own profile. The security is very high and everything is very well monitored so the kids can have a safe and wonderful experience.

Social media has made the world a smaller place and has forged relationships that we normally would of not had the opportunity to have. It plays a role in every aspect of life today from the mommy blogger, to the actor, to news media, corporations, churches, and even some schools. Social media has made it easier for people to connect, whether it be for business or for friendship. Technology has come such a long way over the years.

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