Monday, February 1, 2010

No TV Days...

Our new family TV days. Yes, I call it an adventure and the kids would call it pure torture, cruel and unusual punishment, my mom/sister is being mean. You know the drill when you impose rules on the babies that they are not in favor of.

The babies want to know how we could be so mean as to take away the TV. We did this because the kids were not playing games, reading books, playing outside or using their imagination as much as we wanted them to so we took away the one thing that occupied a major part of their day the TV.

It has been nice to see them dust off the big dust bunnies and knock down cobwebs to find the games, toys, books etc. that in some cases have never even opened up and finding new adventures that they didn't even know existed. Now they haven't been thrilled about it just yet... No jumping for joy or cheers for no TV day, they are still too upset about losing a day of TV which they do get back at 7pm. Right now they spend the day counting down the hours until seven. Yes, with each hour that passes I hear 6, 5, 4, 3 etc. hours left until I can watch TV...silly babies have not given any thought that I could and will add another day or two to the no TV days...nice to know I have the ability to enrich and disrupt their little lives with just two little words...4 letters and a space....No TV....the power of mom...oops! Sorry about the power trip I'm going on...

I'm now creating little musicians, whiz kids, writers, readers, make-up artists....Oh the possibilities with having them have no TV time is working out great. They are learning to do things outside their normal routine. The one little tiny itty-bitty problem is that they FIGHT more or should I say they bug each other more.

For a final note.... I have not saved any money on my electric bill which I thought was going to be a bonus...joke was on me.
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