Friday, February 19, 2010

Family Movie Night

One of our favorite days at our house is family movie night, which is usually on Wednesday night.  We do movie themes and make food to go along with the themes. We pick out our flicks from the vast assortment of movies that Netflix has to offer.

Though, I must say my choices are NOT the ones usually picked to watch since I love guns, bullets and blood. Yes, the movies that make me happy and nobody else likes.  Everyone else prefers the mooshie...lovey...chick flick movies ( Holding back the chunks now....Ok, I'm better.) and the kid type movies from Disney etc. We also love to watch "old" movies and TV shows such as MacGyver or Swiss Family Robinson when that was on TV....not the movie...

We all grab our pillows and blankets and a cozy spot to watch TV...It is amazing to see and hear their reactions to some of the "older" movies...I must say they have loved them. I'm happy that we have had the chance to expose them to show and things of the past...One of the best times is when we all discuss the movies. The kids always have input or really get into the characters and start talking about what they think the characters are going to do next.

We get excited when the Netflix comes in the mail. The kids carefully rip open the DVDs to see what is inside. After family movie night they put the Netflix in the mail and patiently wait for the next movies to come...It has been a great family experience to pick out movies and TV series from the past...Great memories...I must say even the big kids who no longer live here get into our family movie nights when they can...
Netflix, Inc.

One step closer to being a deliriously happy as a family....creating family memories and traditions to pass on...

The Adventures of Swiss Family Robinson - The Complete Series                            MacGyver - The Complete First Season                                             Monsters vs. Aliens      

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