Thursday, January 13, 2011

My New Attitude has People Guessing.....

I woke up January 1, 2011 with a new attitude of I no longer give a rats booty and a feeling of extreme happiness that doesn't seem like it could ever go away.

I left all the baggage in 2010. I have had a smile on my face and an attitude to much so that everyone swears I must have a new love in my life, which is far from the truth.

A smile and new attitude is a hallmark sign for a new man in my life. Please, one can be deliriously happy without having a love life.

I have a smile on my face laughing as I'm  thinking bout what I just said. Yes, I believe that you need to open your heart and allow love to enter. I plan on mmmmmm maybe working on my love issues this year. Kids and friends say I should I 'm not sure but lets move on from here.

I'm not sure what the deliriously happy feelings are from except from my inner soul, my thoughts, my outlook but whatever it is when the feeling starts to fade I snap back and say Girl, remember you don't give a rats booty, put a smile on your face and love the life you have.

One step to closer to being deliriously happy!!!

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