Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Paying It Forward, Saying Thanks!

Today, as I was chatting with a few of my twitter friends regarding #payingitforward , I was taken back to my father who passed away years ago and all his generosity which would be called today #payingitforward #randomactsofkindness.  My thoughts drifted to all my neighbors, and family who gave so generously everyday when I was growing up. The acts of kindness that happened everyday when I was little and I took it for granted.

My father had a huge funeral which I see was a way for people to thank him for all that he had given to people, family and his community. Amazing I just got that today. He died when I was young so I never gave thought. Anyway, he gave when he did not have the money to give. He would have given the shirt of his back to help anyone and he really did. He started the ambulance service in our town when we no longer had one, active in the church and a great father.  Never thought once bout the time or bout how much it was going to cost him. We didn't have lots money but her would give anyway. Thats what made him rich I truly believe. The feeling that he must have gotten. I would like to say THANK YOU dad. I finally got it.

I would also like to THANK all my neighbors who I called Aunt, Uncle and Grandpa. They were not related by blood but they were a huge part of my life everyday when I was growing up. They were kind and generous to me and my family. They took care of me when my mom was sick. I loved going to Aunt Marie's house after school because she would have a snack on the table for me waiting and chat with me. She was always there with kind words and a open ear.  Grandpa McLeod would sit and chat with me. He always let us use his clothes line to hang our clothes on and he looked after me too. Aunt Libby and Uncle Don were always there for me too! Always ready for a visit from me. All the neighbors helped my mom and dad out. My mom was sick a lot and they pitched in and helped. I also would like to thank Carl and Martha too. I will never forget your generosity you showed me and all the times you let me stay with you.

This blog is dedicated to all the people in my life who really showed my what random acts of kindness, paying it forward was just took me a bit to figure out where I got it from. I'm sorry it took me so long to say THANKS! You will always be loved and you all are never far from my thoughts! Thank you for being part of the trunk on my tree of life! So you know I addicted to the feeling that comes from #payingitfoward TY!

Please post the acts of kindness that touched your lives!

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