Monday, August 12, 2013

Cecilia Marie

                                                  Cecilia Marie

An Angel you are~so pure and beautiful~
You came so peacefully into our lives asleep at 33weeks and 5 days on July 30th (2013) at 1057pm~

GOD had plans for you as you were being made in your mommy's womb~
Plans that we weren't aware of~

For 236 days you snuggled in your mommy's tummy and grew into a beautiful perfect Angel~
We watched you develop and grow through the beautiful ultrasound pictures~
These pictures were placed in frames and on our fridges with love~ waiting for your arrival~

Oh, the smiles, love and joy you gave us durning those 236 days were amazing~~ Thank you Cecilia Marie~

We loved you in spirit from the day we found out your mommy was pregnant with you~
Each day our love for you grew stronger and stronger~
I never knew how much one could love someone in spirit until you came into our lives~

We were all so excited that you were coming~ we couldn't wait to see you beautiful face~
Who would you look like~
Your GOD mommy Annuh prayed and prayed for you to look like her and your mommy~
Just like your mommy prayed for Anuuh to look like her~
She did an awesome job because triplets you are~
Yes, you look like your daddy too~

You sparked debates on who was going to be your favorite Dewy, Jem or Annuh~
Kippie and Dewy talked about teaching you how to play video games.....hmmmm~
Aryie would have saved you~
Dewy and Kippie aren't much into letting others play as I'm sure you are aware~~
Kippie wanted to send you to China~It was so funny to hear him but he loved you tons~

We sang and will continue to sing Cecilia for you~
Kippie loves to sing Cecilia for you~

We think about all the things we would have taught you and done with you~
We wonder if you would be big like Kippie or small like Annuh~
Would your smile be big like your mommy's or would you grin like your daddy~
What would your laugh sound like~
Your touch feel like~
All these questions will remain a mystery to us~

GOD decided you would make a perfect beautiful Angel~
Now you're playing with the Angels in Heaven~

You taught us how to love in spirit and in spirit we will continue to love you~
When we feel the breeze blow across our faces~~it will be you blowing us kisses~
The rain and thunder will be you singing and dancing with the Angels to "Cecilia" or "Hooked on a Feeling"~
The sun shining on our faces~ will be you smiling down on us~
The silent touch that one feels at night before we go to sleep~
Will be you blessing us~ giving us goodnight kisses~

I know right now you're looking down on us~~Saying~
Please dry your tears~
Turn those tears of sorrow into tears of joy~
Be happy for me~
You celebrated me in spirit~ continue to celebrate me~
I will live through your hearts and voices~

I will watch over you while you sleep~
I will be there for every celebration~for every tear that is shed~
I'm patiently waiting to meet each of you ~when you come to meet Jesus~
Until then celebrate me~
Give my 236 days of love and joy you had for me~~meaning~~

Always Remember~~
How softly I tiptoed into your world~
Almost silently~
Only a moment I stayed~
But what an imprint~
My foot prints left~
On your hearts~
I will forever be your private little beautiful Angel~
I will always love you~
I will continue to live forever through your hearts and voices~

~~~~Cecilia Marie~~~

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