Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Tolerance, Acceptance, Hugs and Love!

I'm at a lost for words......I'm sure there are people cheering saying this chick has nothing to say, that's a rarity! YaY! Sorry to burst your moment of joy folks~~I'm lost of words because I don't understand WHY......let me explain~~~~

I have a few thoughts that I would like to share about a subject that I hold dear to who I'm as a person. That subject is acceptance of people and their differences.......

These differences range from simple things like homeschooling, haircuts and color to tattoo's, to race, disabilities, gays, lesbians, age and YES religion. Things that give a person their individuality, defines them as a person...... or better stated anything different from what some would say, "Normal!"

These differences spark debates, hate, fear, fights, war and whatever one deems necessary to spill their ignorance and hate. It has been going on since the beginning of time nothing new but...... WHY??

The WHY questions, come into play with these prejudices and intolerances. Here are just a few of my why questions~~

Why do you think your better then anyone else?
Why is your nationality/race better then mine?
Why must we point out the color of someone's skin?
Why can't people accept people for who they are?
Why is it necessary to belittle and taunt people for their differences?
Why can't we realize that these differences is what gives the world color and depth?
Why do you teach your children to hate?
Sorry yes, it is does this make you feel better?
Why do you teach your kids to dislike differences in people?
Why can't we get along?

It turns my inners in circles, gets my intestinal tract in a bind and my mind saying, "Really are you that ignorant?" Let me educate you. Actually, I'm thinking how stupid are you? You're ingrained ignorance is stunning the growth of your mind/life and the world. Wake up!!

I'm not saying to believe in all these differences but tolerate them, accept them, understand them. When we learn to tolerate and understand these differences, we will be happier and healthier as a person, nation, world and so on but for some reason we can't. Instead another WHY question comes into play

Why don't we want to be happy as a world? We can be....It's easy accept, tolerate, educate, hug and love! A simple concept to me but one that is not accepted by all. We will continue to have hate, pain and sadness until we change as a world and learn how to accept, tolerate, educate, hug and love!

One step closer to being deliriously happy! Spread hugs, love, acceptance, tolerance and educate!

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