Monday, July 13, 2009

Determination And Will Power Of A Baby

Everyday I watch this little girl go after everything she wants with unending determination and unyielding will power. It would drive most people nuts, insane, crying out for Calgon to take them away. This determination and will power is 24/7 for her. She never gives up....

First thing in the morning when she hits the floor, she is running around yelling babies, babies; that is what she calls the kittens. She runs as fast as her little feet can take her from one end of the couch to the other end. Give up, no way. She tries to cut them off at the end table and gets mad and cries for them because her plan to catch the kittens has failed and they escaped her trap. She gets stuck under the end table and cries help. She will do this non stop all day until we bring the dog in. Then the kittens get a break and then she cries baby again but this time it is for the dog. The dog seems to handle the baby torture. She is constantly hugged, kissed, poked, sat on and snuggled by the baby. Poor doggie. LOL!!
You ask is this the only time she acts like this, nope. When she wants something she will cry for hours until she gets it. No lie. When you wash her blankets and she sees, she will stand by the washer and dryer until the blanket is done and run back and forth to us crying for her blanket and wanting us to help her. She has this same behavior with everything she wants. You just have to laugh at her and try to redirect her which usually never works.

Silly child has this same determination about not wanting a diaper on. She wears one at night and for nap. She will take her diaper off so she does not pee in it. She will then pee in her bed. So every morning her bed is wet and her diaper is dry. She cries because she is wet. LOL!!

I applaud her determination and will power it makes me laugh. She is strong willed and never gives up. She has more determination then most people will ever have. Yes, I love it when it is her nap time and bed time. For that is the time I can have peace and quiet. She is a great baby. She does listen except when is has a baby brain freeze and is stuck on one subject then her will power and determination will kick in.

I'm working on having the same determination and will power she has. She is my baby "idol" lol.!! She is my inspiration with helping me accomplish my goals. One step closer to being deliriously happy which I'm.

1 comment:

Ching Ya said...

OMG, I laughed so hard...

That's just so cute, imagining your lovely baby doing all the running, and strong willed actions all through the passage, and the diaper part.. just so fun to read. I'm sure she'll be a great individual when she grows up.

It is,even just a little baby she is sending a message to us grown ups, inspirational. Thank you so much for sharing. ^^ Fantastic story indeed.

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