Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Embracing The Differences In People

We all have noticed people that are different from the norm of what society thinks is normal. Are they trying to make a statement or are they free and comfortable with being themselves? Some people are quick to judge and immediately think that they are not worthy of being friends with them or acquaintances of them. They ridicule and criticize the person who dares to be themselves which is different from the norm. They just shut the door to acceptance and growth. How sad is that.When personally I think they should be embracing the friendship, acquaintance, and growth of your life from the person who dares to be different. You could have a great friend.

When I'm talking different, I'm talking about people who might have tattoo's, piercing, multicolored hair, chains, dress differently, have different views, different ways of life. Kinda like the hippies from the 60's.

Most people I find that dare to be themselves no matter what society thinks are usually very intelligent people who have great views and love for life. They have a sense of freedom that most people don't have. They do not try to keep up the "Jones" instead they usually are great lovers of life, knowledge and the environment. They think out of the box and have different ways of looking at things. Now this doesn't mean that all different people think that way but most that I have came across are like this. They are usually warm and generous people and are very accepting.

You ask how I know about being different from the norm. Well, I have tatoos and 14 holes in my ears. When my hair is down and my tatoos are covered I'm treated one way but when people see the tatoos and ear piercing they immediately treat me different. I'm not talking about the people who know I have them. I''m talking about strangers. They don't try to get to know me. The door is shut. How sad because they would find out that I'm a loving mom, with a positive attitude, have an online business, have a dual degree one in Nursing and another one in Child Development and I go to church. No different from the person that follows the norm. I just love myself and embrace my differences. I strive to be myself and love who I am. To me being your true self and following your path and not someone else's path is one the greatest steps you can take to becoming deliriously happy and bursting with joy.

So the next time you come accross a person who dares to be themselves don't critize instead leave the door open and find out who they are, you might find a good friend who enriches your life. ~Ann Marie

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