Thursday, July 9, 2009

A Mouse In The House

The last Friday night my daughter and I were working on our computers watching TV, when we both caught something from the corner of our eyes. It was a small gray varmint running in our family room. Immediately, we both stood on our couch and screamed with all our might. What do we do we asked each other. How do we get the mouse out of the house? My daughter thought of the hornet spay we just purchased. She asked if that would kill the mouse. I said I'm not sure but we can try. So armed with hornet spay in one hand and a broom in the other hand we began to hunt the mouse down from on top of the tables, stools, and couches.
First stop was the breakfast room where our screams scared the mouse and it ran under the hutch. We hosed everything down with hornet spay. I was on the table and somehow my daughter was brave and stood on the floor. The mouse ran by her into the dining room. She screamed and started to cry then froze in the door way unable to move. I was encouraging her with a yelling voice and a firm pat on the back that we needed to get in the dining room to get the mouse. We both hopped on top of the dining room table with one leap. Amazing we did not break any dishes. We amid our hornet spay and spayed every nook and corner in the room. The mouse was running from behind the high chair to under the hutch not knowing what to do and I'm sure was thinking what are those two weird chicks spraying at me. We were screaming like our screams would scare the mouse to death. The mouse managed to escape us, yet again. We are now back in the family room. I was on the stool and my daughter was on the love seat. We were moving our couch from the top of our perches the best we could. Screaming and now laughing and scared to death of a little mouse that we could stomp to death with our foot. I told my daughter good thing there are no elephants around. Oh wait, we are the elephants! LOL!! The mouse disappeared from behind the couch well, what do we do now? We both stated we could not sleep in a house that has a mouse. So we came off our perches and started our search for our uninvited guest. We were banging on the walls trying to scare the mouse so it would come out. We were hoping it didn't run downstairs or into the bedrooms. The little varmint was hiding behind large basket on the floor. It ran out desperately trying to get away from us into the laundry room. We both screamed and ran to the laundry room. Now we are both on stepping stools. I went and got a shovel to hit the mouse if it got close enough and I didn't freak out. Before I swung the shovel the first time, I had a brief moment of sanity. If I hit the mouse with the shovel I have a chance of breaking my ceramic tile. Not good so back to the brooms. The mouse ran from the one dryer to the washer back to another dryer. In the mouse’s attempts to find safety, Hornet spray was flying all over the laundry room. We were now getting braver ready to get the mouse with the brooms. We would have gotten it but when it came towards me I yelled or maybe both of us yelled and then it disappeared. We desperately looked for it but it was not to be seen again.
My daughter who is not a huge pet lover said, "That is it, we are getting cats." She went on Craigslist and found us two female kitties. By Sunday we had two new pets. The kids are thrilled. They are doing a good job with taking care of them. They will be house kitties providing my sons' allergies don't kick in.
Monday morning I started to clean the garage, the only place around the house that the varmint could hide and have fun in. I took back my garage from the way the X had it and made it mine. I found where the mouse had been living and the evidence of a snake who had visited. Snake skin was left behind. Yes, I did scream again. I had a fleeting thought that it would be nice to have a man to do all this nasty work but the more I did the stronger I felt. I was taking back my garage. From there lead to the sanding of the half bath walls that the boy toy said I needed just to take the dry wall down. I did it my way. I sanded the walls and it worked. Now I will have them ready to paint soon. Mind you these walls have been needed to be sanded for 2 years. I moved to my yard next. I cleaned the leaves and things behind the heat pumps where there was a snake earlier this year that I had to kill. I then continued with the rest of the yard. Using an axe (which I have never used before) and a hammer, I began chopping up and moving 8 big stomps full of gross nasty bugs, beetles, and slugs. I was taking my yard back to help get keep the pest away.
The mouse gave me strength and motivation to do things that I have never done before. I have gotten so much done because of this mouse visiting my house. I guess I should have thanked him instead of chasing him around with hornet spray and a broom. So little mouse where ever you may be here or in the other world thank you for the strength and motivation that you gave me so I could take more of my life back and for making me stronger. I will still chase you and you will lose. Don't take personally but I will never like mice or rodents of any kind so please don't visit again. One more step to becoming deliriously happy is being strong and taking back your life.


angelina0318 said...

LOL that had me laughing out loud and btw hornet spray will not kill a mouse probably just give it an upset stomach - ew. But excellent thought! I'm so proud of both of you brave ladies!!

RobinNestor said...

Rather long, but I couldn't stop reading it. Very funny. My daughter (10 at the time) and I did the same thing when a palmetto bug (they look like a HUGE cockroach) got into our condo when living in FL - jumped on the sofa-bed and screamed. Yep, the bug went under the sofa-bed; however, we did send it to bug heaven with bug spray.^.^

the fun life said...

I hate those little creatures.. I'm glad it didn't happen when I was up to the teamers

emma_zero said...

When I first heard about how you got the strength from a mouse, I had a totally different expectation LOL!! I'd been a single mom of 2 children for years so I identify with gaining strength through what could appear to be small incidents for others. I also recognize the momentum as a great factor in finding out what each of us are capable of doing. In that sense I enjoyed your story inspiring and funny!

I have to admit though that I felt a little sympathetic for the mouse as I read on about how he was chased around he house. LOL

Thanks for sharing your story. :)

Ching Ya said...

What a story. It reminds me the time when my parents and I were chasing after a similar creature who mistakenly ran into the house, luckily we chased it out eventually. It was a hectic and adventurous experience that I prefer not to happen again. ^^

Another lesson learnt, isn't it?

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Guest said...

It reminded me of when my Mom, my sister and I moved to Florida from Ohio. The place we lived was right next to a field. I'd never seen a field mouse before one invaded our apartment. It was definitely a bonding experience for the 3 of us. Your story brought back fun memories. Thanks for posting. ~jkgaskins

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