Monday, November 30, 2009

Memories of Snow...Brrrrrrrr

I was thinking of how happy I was not to deal with snow anymore now that we live in a warmer climate. My thoughts soon went back to when I was a kid and how I loved to play in the snow all day long. I remember putting layer upon layers on to keep me warm. When I came in from playing in the snow my hands, legs and feet would be red and cold and my clothes would be hard and stiff from the snow. Funny how as kids the cold never seems to bother you or I guess I should say some kids.

After a snowfall the plow trucks would push the snow into huge piles on the corners of the block were I lived. We seen this as great opportunities to build forts, caves and have some fun. We were pretty good little engineers and we didn't have many cave ins. Lucky for us no one was ever hurt. Course we never gave thought that someone could get hurt. We were just kids having some fun.

The relentless task of using our feet and hands to build our caves and forts gave way to the hours of fun, laughs and excitement for the day. We enjoyed climbing in and out the caves and on top of the caves. Building caves with partners to have snowball fights with the other group and take ownership over their caves was so much fun and still brings a smile to my face. Great memories that have lasted my life time.

Great snow memories that have help create..... one more step to being deliriously happy..

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