Friday, November 13, 2009

Our Disney Journey....

Traveling with the babies to Disney. The dreaded car ride.

Hands down driving at night with the babies sleeping was heaven. The kids slept off and on. They were tired and quiet. No fussing was heard except from the middle child. Props to the babies but not to the middle child. I could listen to some good music and enjoy the drive. Not to mention the traffic was great. Wide open roadway, who could ask for anything more.

The the middle child who is home from Korea drove me insane on the trip down. She complained about everything. First she was to hot then she was to cold. She complained about the music. She did not like it or it was to low, to high. It was constant non stop. Next time I am taking Benadryl with me. Yes, she will get a dose or two plus some duct tape to boot. (Not really but the thought will be there LOL)

We all enjoyed playing I am going on a trip game. To my surprise the kids did an awesome job with this game. We had some great belly laughs with licking lollipop lion, wait I am wrong again. Darn it!! It is a lion licking a lollipop. For the life of me I could never get that one right, but hey in my defense I was driving in all that night traffic. Good excuse to me. This was a good way to kill some time and keep us all awake.

The ride on the way home. Never again will I travel during the day with the babies. All I heard guessed it...How much longer before we are home? Yep, the first time I heard this I knew we were in for a long trip. This question replaced the middle child issues on the way down. The DVD system did not help. Of course the rain all the way home did not help either because traffic was jammed from accidents.

I wish hotels would do half rates for people who travel at night. I would definitely sign up for that.

We stopped once on the way down and a zillion times on the way home. Another reason traveling at night is better in my world anyway.

Lets not forget we not only had the luggage to contend with on the way home. We now had added suvioners and a stroller to the mix. Thought we were squished on the way down, on the way home we were beyond squished and no one except me had foot room. I think I could use a smaller vehicle. LOL

We finally played the I am going on a trip game five minutes before we were home. Oops, next time that will be the first thing we will do half way into the trip.


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Sounds like fun! lol Following you from MBC, hope to see you at soon!

Angela said...

I feel your pain! That's why we flew to disney and if we can't afford to fly... it's a no-go. lol I love that you call your kids "babies" even though they can clearly talk (and complain.) I call mine "babies" too. They get annoyed with it. lol

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