Thursday, June 30, 2011

I Want A Brain Transplant But Instead I Got..............

Last Friday I had a very important date with Dr. Lewis, my surgeon. I finally gave in and had the surgery that needed to be done. This day also marks the beginning of the 8 wk plan.
Brain Transplant....check!

No folks it wasn't a hysterectomy, I was scheduled for a brain transplant~~~~I so want a photographic memory~~a WHOLE body tuck and nip, a boob job and butt job. However, when I woke I was sadly disappointed I had the surgery I was scheduled for with none of the things done on my wish list...Bummer..

Lets just let the record state I'm a register nurse who hates needles. I can pick you a bazillion times but don't come at me with a needle, I might have to deck you! With that being said, I had an awesome nurse who had superb techniques in the art of starting IV's. Tho, she did use a numbing med first. I did not feel a thing and I didn't feel the IV in my hand until the day I was going home. Props to that nurse she can stick me anytime.

Behaving as a patient lets see, I hopped out of bed with the rails up once and with the bed up in the air once. Other then that props to me for being a good patient. I wasn't even grumpy....not that I have ever been grumpy LOL!

I was impressed with how clean the hospital was. However my room never did get cleaned...hmmm whatz up with that? The nurses were nice, caring and did a great job but....Yes, there is a but, I had 3 shifts that never did an assessment on me. Yes, I'm was a healthy patient but as a nurse I would never take care of a patient for 12 hours without doing an assessment on them. I love my nursing licence and worked hard to get it. Am I passing judgement? Nope, just giving advice. It's your license.....I had the other half of working moms Anessa and a friend keeping their eyes on me. I was in good hands.
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