Tuesday, June 23, 2009

A question for you, do you believe that you are entitled to be called mom, dad, grandma, grandpa or do you think its a title that you earn. I have strong feelings on this subject since I can remember, I have always been irritated by people who think they should be called grandparent, mom, or dad and are not even close to being one. I stand firm on the fact that you earn that title by the way you act, love, and take on the responsibilities of that title. Just because you donated your sperm or egg does not entitle you to be called a parent, mom, or dad. Time and time again we see kids tossed away by the parents. This could be in the form of abuse, neglect, the parent's need to always come first etc. You are not a parent if you just toss your kid money for what ever they need but you are not there for them. Nor are you a parent if you do not discipline your child. Did the child ask to be born? Nope! You choose to have the child, so why would you want to treat the child like they are a piece of garbage that is easily tossed away. Carrying a baby for nine months and giving birth is no easy feat but in doing this does not entitle you to be called a parent. Nothing more irritating then you here about abuse on the TV or newspaper and they said the abuse was done by the parent/mom/dad. I just want to say excuse me don't put them in parent/mom/dad category with me. They are not a parent they are a donor of some sort because parents would not do that to their children.

I feel the same way about grandparents. I have seen grandparents who could not even pick their grandchild out of a group of kids and not because the kids were kept from them because the didn't have time nor the inkling to spend with them. Or you have the parent/grandparent who has something else better to do then attend a special activity of the child. Now I'm not talking about the parents/grandparents who have to work (unless work is more important then the child, you know the workaholic), have an illness that is understandable or some other type of emergency.

Parents and grandparents earn their special titles by being loving, caring, nourishing role models to their children/grandchildren, when this happens you are very deserving of being called that special title a parent/grandparent. One does not have to have any biologic ties to a child to be a parent/grandparent. A who person who gives up a child is a parent, mom, dad because they are putting the child first. You will have great success in creating the loving adults of the future, when you earn your title. Spreading the love to future generations, making deliriously happy adults.

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