Monday, August 8, 2011

The First Step To A Healthier You

We are working on my websites today...actually dusting some that have been sitting there in cyber space all by their lonesome self wanting to be worked on, made pretty, and to be visited by people. of the sites is Healthy Tips For A Better You...something very dear to my soul...something I wish all people actually believed I am going to start from the beginning on how to create a healthy you.

As I have stated in the past,  it all starts with your frame of mind. Your mind, your thoughts all play a factor in your overall health, mood and your ability to handle stress. When you want to make changes in your life, it all needs to start with your mindset. Your mind needs to be healthy before you can make changes in your life from weight loss to job changes, and life in general. The way we think and feel plays a factor in our ability to achieve our goals and the outcomes from it. 

According to research performed at the Mayo clinic the health benefits of positive thinking vary from lowering depression and distress, to reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease, increasing life span and better coping with stress. It is not sure why people who have positive thoughts have these benefits. Some of the theories are positive people have better coping skills dealing with stress which reduces the  harmful sides effects of stress on the body. Another thought is that people with positive thoughts have a healthier lifestyles.

This is all good and everyone would love to have these extra health benefits along with the rewards from positive thoughts attract positive things in the world but it takes work and can be done. Your first step is saying and believing it can be done. Your second step is to get rid of the negative things and people in your life. Yes, this can be done. Find positive people and start hanging out with them. You will be amazed at how your life will change.

Negative thinking and hanging around negative people will stop you from achieving your goals whether they are personal or financial.  Find the positive in every situation, don't tell me you can't find the positive because if you look hard and thoroughly you can always find the positive. I was having a conversation about the state of the economy with a friend. He was depressed and scared. I looked at him and I said I'm not worrying about it. He looked at me strangely. I said I can't do anything to change what is going on. It's out of my hands so I  looked for the positive when the economy started to tank. The positive I found was that families we starting to live together and are closer like years ago. He thought about and said you are right. He smiled and said that was very smartest thing he heard about the negative economy and he was going to think that way. Now this thought won't change Washington or the world but it will change the way you let the negative things in the world affect you.

One step closer to being deliriously happy!


Anonymous said...

good advice

Anonymous said...

I know you from michigan, I am glad to see you are doing good and are happy.

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