Thursday, June 18, 2009

When You choose To Do Something For Someone, What Do You Expect?

Ask yourself this question. When you do something out of the kindness out of your heart what do you expect in return? If you gave money or paid a bill for someone do expect the money back? Of course you expect to be paid back if it was a loan, but we are talking about doing something that someone did not ask you to do.

I love doing things for people. I don't expect them to pay me for what I have done. I do it because I get satisfaction out of helping someone in their time of need. I have always have taken the stance of it's better to give then receive. One thing that I learned growing up and live by today. I see people who have done nice things for people then shout it out from the roof tops. Look what I did. I'm great for it. Or I paid this bill for you and even though you did not ask for it, I want the money back. Or I did this and this for you could you do this for me. People who are like this had alternative motives for being kind. They want to make themselves look good and black mail per say for when they need or want something.

One of the books I read was called a Christmas Jar. Every year a family would save money in a jar and give it to someone in need at Christmas. They would do it anonymously so the person could not find out who they were. They did it out of the kindness of their heart and not for the recognition. That is how I choose to be. To me the giver who shouts from roof top is miserable and feels the only way to feel good is by shouting his good deeds. I choose to be the silent giver-the anonymous giver. Only me and the big guy upstairs needs to know what I did. I feel so deliriously happy and gratified with just me knowing. When you can truly feel this way, you are one step closer to being deliriously happy and loving yourself and your life.

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