Thursday, June 4, 2009

Go From Being Irritated To Being Happy

Everyday we have things that happen that we get irritated by ....rarely do we stop and find some happiness or joy from the irritation and put a bigger grin on our face and give thanks for the irritation that has now become a joy...Just recently my little girl took her diaper off and played in her poo.....I laughed...yes, it was a BIG mess to clean and I could of easily gotten upset but life is too short and the look on her me it was her way of putting a bigger grin on my face for the rest of my life because I get to have the sweet pleasure of telling the story forever...which will add smiles and laughs for a lifetime.......Find happiness and joy in the things that usually make you upset or irritated...this is a hard lesson to learn but once you have learned how to look at little irritating things differently your life will begin to change.... life will be a whole lot happier and take you one step closer to being deliriously happy......Ann Marie(workingmoms)

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