Monday, June 15, 2009

The Sun Peaking out of the Dark Cloud

Have you ever had great days when everything was going good and bam, slap in the face you run into a negative person who is evil and mean...They get their joys out of making people miserable...You wonder why are they so mean...They can't stand to see anyone happy...and if you look at them funny they are accusing you of not being nice...and all you want to do is hold up a mirror and tell them what do you see in the mirror? A happy nice person or a person who is miserably mean and evil...They are the first ones to throw stones and point out everyone's faults... I use to let these people bother me...and I would let them ruin my whole day or two...and for what so they accomplished what they set out to do...make me miserable...

Well, I love to be what should I do...I give myself time to vent and be irritated by them for about 20 min...then I let it go....I tell myself that some people no matter what happens in life can only survive making people miserable...I gain strength by thinking this way....and when I see them I tell myself don't let them bring you down... You are stronger then their negativity...and boom a smile comes on my face...I find my happy thoughts...and the negative atmosphere turns positive...One step closer to being deliriously happy......Take every bump, lump and unhappy person and find the sun light in the gray damper on my day.......

Post By Ann Marie a.k.a. AAWorkingmoms

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